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What is covered?

*Nissan warrants to correct defects in materials or workmanship in all genuine Nissan replacement parts, Genuine NISMO S-tune parts, and Genuine Nissan accessories, distributed by Nissan North America in the Continental United States, installed and used on Nissan or Infiniti (if appropriate use and application of the part, accessory, or Genuine NISMO S-tune part) vehicles only, except as described under the caption below "WHAT IS NOT COVERED."

This warranty covers any repairs needed to correct defects in materials and workmanship.

*Nissan indicates Nissan North American, Inc., PO Box 685003, Franklin, TN 37068-5003, which distributes Nissan vehicles and provides consumer services in the United States of America.


How Long is the Warranty?

Except for replacement audio components, this warranty is for 12,000 miles or 12 months from the date of installation or purchase, whichever is earlier. However, the warranty on Genuine Nissan replacement parts, Genuine NISMO S-tune parts, and Genuine Nissan accessories installed in a Nissan vehicle while the vehicle is covered by a Nissan warranty, which would have covered the part had it been installed in the vehicle at manufacture, will not end before the end of that warranty.


Replacement Audio Components

A replacement Radio, Tape Deck, Amplifier or Compact Disc Player/Auto Changer supplied by Nissan is covered 12 months/unlimited mileage from the time of installation or the balance of the Basic Vehicle Warranty as it applies to audio components, whichever is greater.


What is Not Covered?

This warranty does not cover:

1. Tires; batteries or truck bedliners. These items are covered by separate warranties.

2. Nissan Motorsports and NISMO R-tune parts, including NISMO Legacy parts are sold "AS IS" without warranties, expressed or implied unless expressly prohibited from doing so by applicable law, in which case the warranty provided is the minimum required by law.

3. Normal maintenance service and parts replacement as outlined in the maintenance schedule of your Owner's Manual.

4. Damage or failures resulting from:

- Misuse (your Owner's Manual is your guide to proper use).

- Accident, theft, fire, driving through water resulting in engine water ingestion.

- Chemical fallout, tree sap, salt, sand, hail, flood or other environmental conditions.

- Modification or improper repair of the part or of the vehicle in which the part is installed.

- Use of parts not equivalent in quality or design to parts supplied by Nissan.

- Lack of performance of required maintenance services as outlined in your Owner's Manual.

- Use of improper or dirty fuel, fluids or lubricants.

5. Salvage Title. This warranty does not cover damage, failures or corrosion to any Nissan replacement part, Genuine NISMO S-tune Part, or Genuine Nissan Accessory, installed in the vehicle, if the vehicle is issued a "salvage" or similar title. (This exclusion does not extend to new Genuine Nissan replacement parts, NISMO S-tune parts or Genuine Nissan accessories, installed in a Nissan vehicle after the issuance of a "salvage" or similar title.


What You Must Do

In order to obtain warranty service you must deliver the warranted part or accessory, or the vehicle on which the part or accessory is installed, to an authorized Nissan dealer in the United States or Canada at your expense with proof of purchase (parts invoice or service repair order from an authorized Nissan dealer). The names and addresses of authorized Nissan dealers are listed in the telephone directories.

You must also pay for the labor charges to remove and replace the part or accessory if it was not originally installed on your vehicle by an authorized Nissan dealer.


What Nissan Will Do

If the part or accessory to be repaired was originally installed by an authorized Nissan dealer, it will be removed and reinstalled after repair at no charge for parts and labor. If the part or accessory was not installed by an authorized Nissan dealer, the part or accessory will be repaired or exchanged only. Any needed parts replacement or exchange will be made using new or remanufactured parts at Nissan's option.


Limitation of Warranties and Other Warranty Terms and State Law Rights

Extra Expenses - Limitations of Damages

This warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damages such as loss of the use of the vehicle, inconvenience or commercial loss.

Any Implied Warranty of Merchantability and Fitness for a Particular Purpose shall be Limited to the Duration of this Written Warranty.

Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.

Nissan does not authorize any person to create for it any other warranty, obligation or liability in connection with this vehicle. (The Nissan Limited Warranty revised on 6/26/2007)


The Nissan Replacement Panel Corrosion Warranty

The Nissan Motor Corporation in U.S.A. (NMC) warrants to the first retail purchaser, listed as the "Original Repairing Vehicle Owner", that NMC will either repair or replace the Genuine Nissan Outer Sheet Metal Panels on your Nissan vehicle with the part numbers listed should the listed panels develop inside out rust-through corrosion perforation. Replacement sheet metal panels must be installed on vehicles in the United States and Canada. Nissan warrants to the Original Repairing Vehicle Owner that the replacement and refinishing of panels listed will be carried out at no cost to the Original Repairing Vehicle Owner subject to the exclusions listed. NMC will pay for the cost of the repairing, including parts, labor, paint, and supplies necessary to repair or replace and refinish the panels listed.


The repair may be completed at an authorized Nissan dealership's collision repair shop or an independent collision repair shop that will install Genuine Nissan replacement parts. Whether a Nissan dealership collision repair shop or independent collision repair shop completes the repair, only authorized Nissan dealership personnel or authorized NMC personnel can approve a repair or replacement under this warranty.


The purchaser must present a warranty form, original receipts and/or repair orders, and personal identification to a Nissan dealership in order to invoke this warranty. The dealership will then authorize the replacement of the panels at a Nissan dealership's collision repair shop or an independent collision repair shop.



This warranty becomes void when damage results from:

- Accidental, collision, faulty installation, or any alteration to the panel, panels, or vehicle that could be reasonably expected to affect the performance of the covered panels.

- Environmental pollution or conditions, including acid rain, hail, or lightning.

- Vehicle neglect, abuse, or use of the vehicle for unintended purposes.

- Stone chips, scratches or other paint damage that lead to surface rust damage.

- Cleaning and polishing agents, chemicals, and solvents, including improper undercoating or use of other rust prevention materials.

Extra Expenses - Limitations of Damages

This warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damages such as loss of the use of the vehicle or rental car expenses, inconvenience or commercial loss.




These parts are covered by the Nissan Parts Limited Warranty



These parts have been designed and are intended for off-highway application only. The installation of these parts on a vehicle intended for use on public streets or highways may violate laws and regulations relating to motor vehicle safety standards or emissions regulations. Additionally, these parts are sold as-is, without warranty of any kind whatsoever, express or implied, (including all warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose). The installation of these parts could also void vehicle or other Nissan warranty coverage, or result in otherwise covered repairs being excluded from coverage. Refer to a Nissan Certified Technician for proper installation


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